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yours truly, Charley was founded following the birth of my daughter Charlotte.

The business was borne out of the idea to raise her in a more  natural environment. Inspired
by a danish concept of encouraging mindfulness to do more of what you love,
and motivated in part to find products that were kind to Lottie (she was
diagnosed with severe eczema from 
a couple months old). 
I found that Lottie was most comfortable when dressed in natural fabrics. This 'natural' aspect
not only applied to the fabrics her body was swathed in but to the clothes
and products I wore. This empowered me to seek out and curate a selection of quality
maternity and baby essentials made from natural fibres and sustainable textiles.

My vision for yours truly, Charley is to bring together a collection of simple & thoughtful
objects - inspired by nature - 
 for the new mum and baby that feel special. A collection of gifts that empower the loving bond with baby during pregnancy & motherhood. 

Appreciating the little luxuries: yours truly, Charley curated gift boxes feature products that are 

beautifully designed, ethically-made, and hand-picked for it's highest quality.

Each product carries its own meaningful story - of the artisan and their social impact.

yours truly, Charley works with a mixture of  independent British and international brands

that share our eco-philosophy, and we try wherever possible to support local artisans and fair trade suppliers.  

I hope you find something in my collection that you will love and cherish for years to come.

Fiona x

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